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Tips & Hints

China & Glassware
Pack in paper individually in strong cartons.
Remember to tape them securely.

Mirrors, Pictures, Glass & Marble Tops
Better left unpacked so that your removalist can attend to them personally.

Bedding & Blankets
Blankets should be packed in cartons. The mattress and bed is better left to your removalist.

Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dryer
Most models of each can be moved quite safely and these should be handled by your removalist.

Mats & Rugs
No need to pack. Your removalist will attend to these.

Clothing & Linen
Pack in suitcases or cartons.

Kitchenware & Groceries
Pack heavy items on the bottom of strong cartons. And tape securely.

Television, Stereo, Video
These items can be moved without damage. However do not forget to secure turntable arm.

Jewellery, Silverware & Items of Value
Plan to make important and personal items with you.

Furniture Removals – Tips For Your Day!

Everyone knows the stress and anxiety a big move can cause – it is a massive job! Packing, packaging, unpacking, storing; the list is endless! For your own peace of mind, it can often be a smart idea to hire a Furniture Removals company to assist you with all of your moving needs! So, what can Furniture Removalists do for you?

Removals Companies all over the world are in high demand – and this is mainly due to their variety of services. Removalists can not only offer you assistance in the transport and delivery of your goods, they can also help you wrap and pack your property, transport it to your new location and unpack all of your belongings wherever you wish for them to go!

Giving a removalist company a call can take a huge weight off your shoulders, as they can make all the necessary arrangements for you. Often you will have the option of hiring or buying boxes and protective material for your precious items, with a promise of a high quality service. The team moving your belongings have been trained, guaranteeing no injuries or suprises along the way!

On the day of your big move, clean and well maintained trucks will park in your driveway from your chosen furniture removalist company. A quick consultation will be had, checking with you and your family or co-workers about placements and durability of all goods. All of your belongings will be packed for you into the trucks, neatly and carefully, and the team will head off to your new location.

Finally, your property will be unpacked and – if you wish – placed accordingly. No longer will you have to worry about doing all these deeds by yourself, as a removals company can be there for you and your family or co-workers every step of the way!


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