7 Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New House

Everyone one of us has gone through the hassle of shifting your house at least once. Shifting is already a hard task and you will make sure that you do not have any additional headaches on that day. The following tips are from furniture Removal Services Melbourne and the pointers and taken in mind so that you will feel comfortable after you move in. Hence, it is safe to assume that these are stress-free tips.

  • Locks

Furniture Removal Services Melbourne recommend changing the lock before you move in. You do not want a stranger to roam around the city with the key to your new house. It is even better if you change the lock before you move in. This way the safety of you and the security of your house will not be in an exposed manner.

  • Updating the address

You can finish this task of with USPS which offers mail forwarding for movers. You can update the address portion of their website. Do not miss any important documents while shifting and ensure you have at least one postal document ready before moving.


  • Checking for leaks

This should be ideally done by the home inspector, however; you can double check the pipes for leakage or any other issue so that you can give yourself peace of mind. You can also check the water meter before moving in. If the water meter shows any difference it signifies a leak somewhere. If there is leakage you can deal with it right away or later. The important thing is that you are aware of the situation and later will not depend on the water and break your head while arriving.

  • Change the toilet seat

This pointer is especially for the worrying super clean freaks out there. You can swap the toilet seat for an economical one just to have the complete feel that the house is yours. You can also have peace of mind and not think about who occupied the house before or about any hygiene issue in the toilet.

  • Safety and security

Removals insurance services Melbourne recommends to ensure all the safety and security equipment in your house such as smoke detectors, outside camera, extra door latch is working in proper condition.

  • Emergency evacuation drill

You can have a drill among your family members and plan an emergency exit or route from your house. This should typically be taken after planning all the furniture instalments. Customers of furniture removal services Melbourne are suggested to familiarise with the house in case of an emergency.

  • Location of electricity box, gas and water valves.

Along with the evaluation drill you also need to know where the main electricity box is located in order to shut it down in case of an emergency. U can also know the location of the water pump switch and gas valves.

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