How To Prepare Before Packers Move Your House

The day has finally arrived you are going to shift your house and leave the packing and moving job to the furniture removalist Melbourne. However, there are certain things you need to prepare before the removalist Melbourne arrive at your house.

Sell or discard all useless items
Budget is the main concern for most people while moving. It does not make sense for you to pay for items which won’t be useful anymore. Hence do a full check of your entire household items including clothing and discard, sell or donate the items which you do not need before removalist Melbourne arrives.

Think what to do with items which packers won’t pack
Not all the items can be packed and moved. There are items where the packing company won’t pack according to their policy, hence keep an alternate plan of the items which won’t be packed.

Keep a list of things you have
Create an itemized checklist of your belongings.this is to check if anything is missing when they deliver your belongings and also will be easy to claim insurer if any item is damaged or missing

Categorize your belongings into packable and non-packable
It is important to store all your belongings which you will be taking with you to four new home in a separate room. Tape the items as “Do not pack” so that there is no confusion. Instruct furniture removalist Melbourne what all should be packed and what should not be packed.

Take photos
Take a lot of pictures of your favourite and valuable belongings so that in case if any dispute arises later at delivery you can check the true condition of the product before packing.

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