Looking for Furniture Removal Services Melbourne? The Checklist

Moving your office from small to big or from one type to another it is exciting. However, you need to also keep in mind some of the important checklists before the move


Planning is a need for moving your office as includes as tasks to be completed whether big or small. Through planning, huge tasks are compiled into small manageable bite-sized chunks. You can create your own planning documents as a road

Time factor
You need to have a time factor to plan things efficiently. You might not have the flexibility to change the dates. However, you can choose non-festive or non-business days. Removals Company Melbourne recommends to choose a day which is likely to have less rush on the road and no client requirements.

Avoid procrastinating
Having a deadline will help you get everything done more efficiently. It’s also motivates you to finish the work before the deadline. You can also schedule and give deadlines to Furniture Removal Services Melbourne so that you can track their progress

Four to six weeks ahead of the move you should go and see your new office space. This is to measure and plan which goes in which room and space.

Furniture dilemma
Decide which furniture is going to be discarded and which one will be taken. Many office spaces will come with pre-installed furniture. Hence, plan ahead and take only the furniture you need.

You need a make a list of things you need

  • to buy
  • to sell
  • to hire any services if any

Security concerns
One month before the move contact the security head of the new building and ask about the security and whether it is covered in a rental. Many security companies need a month’s notice time to arrive, survey the office space and quote a price.

Packers and movers
You can choose the best Removals Company Melbourne by reading the reviews on the internet, asking your family and friends. A good Furniture Removal Services Melbourne company will not hesitate to give their clients a number to ask about them.

Essentials such as Phones, phone lines, IT, insurance, business rates, electronics and cables all need to be sorted out before you make the move.

Discuss with employees
It is a law in many areas that you need to discuss any changes you do to the office and to your employees. Unions, regulators, parent companies, board members and department heads, as well as the employees, should be aware of the move.

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