Things to note before considering Home Moves Mount Waverley

As a latest tenant moves in or out of your property, it is believed it is really very essential that you complete a detailed move in and out report. All these reports are invaluable as they protect your investment and know if a tenant has damaged anything during their tenancy.

The conditions of the property are absolutely clear to both parties on Home Moves Mount Waverley. It decreases the discrepancies at the end of tenancy resulting in a prompt return of the tenants bonds and it also ensures that any such damage is recorded and it is claimed back through the bond. The only way to do this is with proof.

Each of the report provides an accurate reflection of the state property and at the time of its completion. It provides the tenants and the landlords with a clear and fair view of the state of carpets along with curtains. The report also lists any damage which the property currently has. It is also advisable to take before and after pictures.

If you have a letting agent of Moving Home Mount Waverley who completes this on your behalf, this generally means if you live far away from the property. You can keep an eye on its condition and then pick up on any loopholes. It is part of the agent’s role if you pay them on a fully managed service.

There is a wear and tear allowance during a tenancy agreement of Moving Home, such as a few scratch marks to the walls. But let’s have a look at what is actually classed as damage.

  • Heel marks in lino flooring
  • Marks on carpet by spillage ie red wine, coffee
  • Rips in carpet or sofas
  • Fixtures and fittings broken
  • Blinds broken
  • Damage to walls

Here are some of the lessons learned which you should have on your move in amd move out checklist.

  • Lights bulbs are in place & functioning
  • Smoke alarm/carbon monoxide alarms in place & functioning
  • White goods & electrical items are working (if provided)

Check the cleanliness throughout the property, including inside kitchen drawers and cupboards, toilets – often missed by tenants

  • Oven is clean
  • Keys returned – all sets
  • Post box keys returned
  • Current alarm code
  • Condition of flooring, carpets, furniture (if provided)
  • Any items missing will need to be replaced by the tenant

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