Things To Keep In Mind While Moving Office Locations

Moving houses from one place to another is a huge task and you need to have a to-do-list with you and multitask simultaneously. Moving office location has its own difficulties. Today we will help you with things you need to keep in mind before you change the location. These tips were given by Office Removal services Melbourne and will come in handy for you when you move locations.


Physical space

This is quite obvious to check before moving. You not only need to check for space for equipment and employees but also you need to have free space for the employees to move around with ease to avoid any congestion.

Equipment condition

Before you move make sure you list all the equipment and what condition they were before the transfer of equipment. It is better to replace or repair it before the moving day.


Ensure before the moving day, you check if all the communication line such as broadbands, wifi are installed and are in working condition. Test the speed of internet and ensure all the necessary sites are blocked as per company policy.


Check electricity in every socket and call in an electrician to check for safety. Keep power back up at disposal. Moving companies like Office Removal Melbourne recommends to always call an electrician to recheck the wires to ensure safety

Phone Systems

Even though we live in an era where cell phones rule, landlines see still used in an office set up. Hence, make sure all the lines are up and running well before relocation.

Parking facilities

Ensure the new building has ample space for parking. It is unfair for the employees to suddenly pay for parking or park far from the office and walk. If free parking is not available look for cheap underground parking or make a contract with a parking area and get it for less price.


This is a crucial step in the process of relocation as it involves your employee’s safety. Hire a well-trained security staff and add biometrics for main door and all the restricted rooms. Biometrics is always better than identity card scanner as anyone can get through using a stolen identity card. Security cameras should also be installed.

Make a list

Since there will be a lot of things to move to make a list of every office equipment, furniture and fixtures. Office Removal services Melbourne always gives their client a list of items before they relocate so that no discrepancy arrives later on.

IT support

Ensure to hire an IT support proximity to your office. This is crucial for a business that runs on internet connection.

Throw away unwanted materials

You do not have to bring all the materials you want with you. Not all the equipment in the current office is in working condition. Instead of taking the equipment with you throw them off or sell off to a good price. This is cost effective and budget will be met if you throw away unnecessary things. All the spaces in the office should be used to its optimum level. Never assign a room to throw all the unusable materials. Throw them out if it is not necessary. Office Removal Melbourne company can guide you in throwing away unwanted office materials.

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